I am an expert in helping high-achievers create their next level of success.

After being born in what was commonly known as the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire. Raised with a policeman father with a community of miners on strike against the Government. I’ve taken a lifelong study of human behaviour and the power of the beliefs that drive them.

My quest for wisdom and growth has taken me to sacred dance ceremonies in Bolivia, Peru and Bali. Diving deep into numnerous spiritual traditions and martial arts training.

I came accross the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Supermind consciouness he claimed would be the key in humanity evolving into a truly sustainable and prospoerous world

The leadership and level of awareness required to design the future of humanity – level of performance, presence and joy that could be called superhuman

Respresents an opportunity to grow ourselves into the greatest and most loving, wise and powerful versions of ourselves to create ou own lives as a reflection of success and happiness as we define it and grow impact, influce to dance to the rhythm of a new paradigm of peace

The truth is that I’ve had one side reaching for growth and adventure. Hungry for success and focused on a more beautiful future and the other part battling addictions, feeling powerless and lacking in confidence when others saw the image I was presenting to the outside.

I found my gift to draw out the visions of powerful people and see how they are powerful beyond measure even when they are blind to it

My clients do things that few people on the planet can do. They are powerful, passionate and successful, yet whatever is coming next still feels like a really big leap.

I help extraordinary people who already achieve top class results to achieve what still looks ‘impossible’ to them.



Here’s some things you might like to know about me:

I’m professionally trained as a somatic bodyworker that helps restore natural vitality to the body

I lived in a bell chamber tunnel for 3 days, as part of a protest site protecting what I loved. An ancient stone circle and woodland in the heart of England

When my relationship with the mother of my daughter ended, a friend gifted me with a sword. I do all that I can to honour and live that life of a peaceful warrior, one who faces oneself.

I trained in the Brazillian Marital Dance of Capoeira for 8 years and play a mean one stick rhythm



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I specialise in working with High Achievers and am an