I don’t change lives, I transform them.  

I play at the edge of the possible.

I’ve had a thirst for adventure. 

A 20 year quest of awakening.

Embodying wisdom.

Shattering paradigms.

Adventures through adversity.  

Self-Understanding driven by the desire to advance humanity. 

Create a world of prosperity.

Live the Truth of divinity and sovereignty.  

I’ve experienced everything from homelessness to being the difference maker in $1B deals. 

I articulate complex ideas and make them understandable, applicable and impactful like no one else alive. 

I thrive on diversity. Innovate in uncertainty.

 My clients are visionaries. Next Level Leaders. 

My clients Advise Governments on Blockchain.

Are designing the future of Global Payment Systems. 

Pioneering breakthroughs in cutting edge healing methods.

Disrupting Multi-Billion Dollar Industries.

Bringing Spirituality into Corporate Boardrooms. 

Sharing stages with Steve Wozniak. 

Raise millions in investments. 

My clients are surrounded by coaches, the best in the business and choose me because I operate on the highest Frequency of Consciousness.

They call me an Enlightened Shaman. A Coaching Samurai, A Magician. 

I did meditation bootcamps 10 years before Mindfulness was trendy. 
Sacred dance ceremonies in Bolivia and Bali. 

All so I could understand deeply and show up in the world as a catalyst for quantum growth. 

 I deliver massive results within weeks.  10x business profits, marriages taken from the brink of divorce to love rekindled and soulgasmic sex.

Clinical Depression transformed into legacy projects.  

 I’ve  packed in a whole lotta mission in my years on this planet.
Still getting started.

 I’ve combined cutting edge combined systems for upgrading human technology. 

 I choose to work with the most extraordinary, visionary leaders and entrepreneurs globally.

My clients seek me out to create their billion dollar legacies.

They seek my out as the guide who can elevate their consciousness to superhuman modes of operating. 

They know that money is the fuel of legacy but it’s integration that’s the true sexy.