Invest time with me and your life won’t improve. It will transform!

I’ve been on a lifelong quest to explore the true nature of power, human dynamics and conscious evolution towards superhumanity and a world of enlightened leaders.

I see where even the most powerful and successful people are holding back from themselves

I reflect your extraordinary power back at you so make sure you show up ready to handle it.

I know what it takes to go way beyond my comfort zone to achieve specific end results

I know how to travel my own intimate landscape in style.

I expect to deliver exceptional results and I bring all of me to the table.

I’m passionate about inner engineering 21st century minds to meet the needs of a world in motion as well as designing and delivering on tangible end results to grow profits, solve complex challenges and empower lives.

I’m only interested in working with those who are already successful in at least one area of their lives and who are committed to shattering their own glass ceiling.

I can be direct, I hold nothing back in the pursuit of mastery. I’m here to lead the way towards Superhumanity as a big picture thinker, unconventionally wise leader and consciousness pioneer.

As much as I adore the power of my mind. I love to dance, play, move, sing, cuddle with my daughter, tell stories.

Things you might like to know about me…

  • I once got 93% on a maths exam…wrong. This is what happens to my mind when people teach facts without principles.
  • I have the best bullshit detector this side of the Great Wall of China (you can read that from whatever side of that wall you reside on.)
  • I once watched the BBC news live from a Tree House on a protest site where the news was being broadcast live. Staying in a 40ft deep tunnel for 3 days to protect what I loved, namely an ancient stone circle in the woods.
  • I once traveled in style hitchhiking – Gripping onto the back of a truck for dear life after a slightly inebriated dare.
  • I’ve participated in ceremonies on Lago Titicaca, done several sweat lodges, even asked to die when taking ayahuasca to try and rid myself of my ‘addictive phase’ – Lago Titicaca is definitely recommended – am still unsure about the wisdom of plant medicines.
  • I was gifted my sword and being somewhat innocent and naive once had the local police helicopters out searching for a crazed madman in the woods.
  • Amongst other things, I’ve been called A Coaching Samurai, An Assassin of B/S (Belief systems), an Enlightened Shaman and an irreverent (and male) Pema Chodron. I don’t know about the last one, but you get the idea.
  • If you ask me if I am spiritual or materialistic the answer is YES.
  • I’ve been known to have vivid dreams of friends dying, major planetary events and inspiring clients. I used to cover up that insight with drugs until I learned more about it and how to distinguish between me and the information.
  • In case it’s not already clear – I love what I do, I’m unconventional, a big picture thinker,
  • My deep natural confidence can be mistaken for arrogance. It’s up to you what you make of it.
  • My superpower is helping great people become even more full of themselves so they can inspire, impact and create more freely and powerfully.
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