My life was the pits…


I was born in a mining town in the North of England…An industrial heartland that had its heart ripped out.

That experience has gifted me with a lifelong obsession with power. For most of my life, I felt powerless and that influenced what I thought was possible for me to create and achieve. Through this quest for answers in spirituality, consciousness, transformational leadership I’ve developed the gift to see the unlimited power and potential in my clients even when they can’t see it for themselves

To draw out the seep natural confidence, the most inspiring and fulfilling vision and support them to realise and accomplish that more effortlessly and effectively than seems possible.

I have a diverse background in navigating and delivering outstanding results within Advice and Advocacy, Festival production, Youth Leadership and finding solutions to complex and urgent challenges for leaders and companies using research-backed, evidence-based tools and innovative new products such as Fresh Mind with Integral.

As a student of consciousness, always seeking ways to grow, evolve and challenge myself, training with Martial Arts Masters in Brazil…Sacred Dance ceremony in Bolivia, Bali and Peru

It became obvious to me that the greatest opportunitiesĀ for solving humanity’sĀ grand challenges is alive with inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders to live from vision…and bring soul into business. For the purpose of creating harmony between Nature, Technology and Humanity.

Having it all and loving it can be the new normal



Powerful Coaching for

I specialise in working with High Achievers and am an