I was feeling stressed, busy and overwhelmed. I was doing so much.

What struck me about Anthony is that he was really listening. Let me be authentic and be myself

In two weeks I freed up so much time, added so much structure to my life and created the blueprint of my course

Luchia Dragosh

Founder, Woman 2 Woman TV

What if you could find someone that could ask you 1, maybe 3 questions that could change your whole life

I was frustrated searching for the elusive man I was looking for. I go to so many events, personal development, dancing but I can’t seem to find him

Is he not there or are you just missing him completely?

It made me think, what if he passed right by, in front of my face?

The provocative question Anthony asked sparked some big changes

That one conversation changed my life so completely.

In the last few months, I met someone who is absolutely extraordinary and also someone I would never have considered dating previously

I encourage you to have a life changing conversation with Anthony and experience it for yourself

Nida Kazmi

Founder, Exponential You

I felt stuck and frustrated with an unfocused vision and no clear action plan. It didn’t seem like I was making any forward progress.

I realised what I really wanted and aligned with the purpose that brings me the most joy. I created 5 clients within 2 weeks.

Turned up my passion and fireand went on my dream trip to China that I’ve dreamt about for 18 years. I’m living more on my edge and at peace with the process. I’m walking the path with no doubt.

David Mohegan

Owner, Mohegan Training Systems

I was pretty stressed and I thought there was a lot I had to change about myself and my work.

I’ve increased the profit of my business by 20% while reducing my stress levels massively and I have a level of mastery and a new found confidence in what I do.

I have more physical energy,my relationship is much better now that I’m prioritising what matters to me and I’ve now taken steps towards my passion project of fine art photography.

Working with Anthony is fun, he brings a lot of clarity to make complex ideas simple, lots of wisdom and I can feel his enthusiasm for his job and the difference it makes

James Fox

Owner , Jemsys Ltd

Working with Anthony has had a huge impact for me moving forward with my business.He has a unique ability to ask the perfect questions at the perfect time, enabling me to answer but in effect answer, greater questions I have had that had previously prevented me from moving forward. His playful and focused advice has brought me a new sense of willingness to face challenges head on.And the strategies he has suggested I use for various projects are Gold!

Kris Kinosis

Owner, Eden Trails

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