Coaching with me is an Investment in YOU. 

Before we talk.

Here’s what you need to know.



You bring your desires – I bring the fuel to take you to the stratosphere. 



1. I do not invite most people to work with me. 

Working with me is an adventure…

Of a Lifetime. 

Literally if you are invited on a Quest. 

I take my role and responsibility as a guide seriously an playfully. 

I look for the 1% of the 1% who are here to raise the consciousness of humanity. 

While exponentially growing personal prosperity. 

2. Show up prepared.

I hide nothing and hold nothing back when I interview you. 

I expect you to show up for your vision, show up for your truth, show up ready for a quantum leap on all levels of life and business. 

This application and our interview is designed to determine if you are truly ready to rise to the challenge of working with me. 

You tell the truth, even when it feels uncomfortable…

Especially when it feels uncomfortable. 

You hold yourself accountable. 

I make sure that your KNOW that who you are is far more extraordinary than you’ve ever allowed yourself to be. 


3. My 1-1 programs start at £20,000.

Coaching with me should be the greatest investment in yourself you will ever choose to make.

Nothing less than this will suffice.

Your investment is a symbol of your commitment to yourself, your vision, your non-negotiable outcomes and to arriving there in style. 

I operate on the principle that one powerful insight working with me will be worth 10x your investment when you implement it. 

You will have more than one life changing insight. 

If you work with me for a year. There are no maximum or minimum hours or limits around what that year entails.

This is not a ‘by-the-hour’ type of coaching service.

I am here to deliver what you most desire so you can create results, legacy and lifestyle you most want. 

For some clients I will ask for a % of your company on top of my fee. 

I promise you that 5% or 10% of a 200% or 2000% ROII Return on Impact and Influence is a smart move. 

Your coaching package will be highly personalized to your specific goals and desires.

You can choose from Fresh Mind – Legacy Quest or something created just for you. 

Coaching is done face-to-face in Edinburgh. London on location or long-distance via Zoom

4. I bring a powerful energy to my work.

I’ve been called a Samurai of Coaching, an Enlightened Shaman and A Mind Maestro. I have been called other things by my clients, we’ll save those names for the adventure. 

The price you pay for a leap in your consciousness is cutting away and releasing anything and everything that no longer serves you. That can feel ‘scary’ until it isn’t. 

I switch styles…I ask questions. I offer direction. I am direct and subtle. 

We can be talking about Multi-Million Pound Deals one minute and Metaphysics the Next (Or anyone of 1000 other relevant subjects)  

Truly, the skill is in the subtlety.

The art of distinguishing between a 9.9 and a 10 out of ten opportunity. 

5. You WILL experience ‘Miracles’ 

20 years of nailbiting stopped in one session. 

£150,000 profit from ‘out of nowhere’ 

Tripling Revenue while reducing working hours by 60%. 

‘Clinical Depression’ to proposing £450m deals within 6 months. 

Raising £12m in funding without effort, stretch. 

It feels like MAGIC but in TRUTH it’s Science and Technology Applied. 

6. Working with me is like attending the most exhilarating party you’ve ever attended. 

Epic could be my middle name if my parents had more imagination. 

They came up with ‘John’ 

Sometimes you will absolutely love it. 

Sometimes it will make you squirm. 

It will always support your growth. 

There’s a lot of celebration…

My clients create extraordinary results. 

 7. Depending on your answers you may or may not speak with me. 

You answers determine what I have that can assist you. 

I partner with my clients. 

Together we create the extraordinary.