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"One of the best coaches this side of heaven" Alex Hickman, Entrepreneur






I am continually in awe of what can be created through the power of a coaching conversation. Results that seemed out of reach are realised often effortlessly.

 I work with those who’s word is more powerful than any contract or document.

 Before you reach out to me know that most people are not up for this kind of work and the commitment it requires.

Coaching takes place 1-1 in person, across video calls, on location climbing mountains, off piste or wherever else we choose. 

Your Time Investment ranges from a Few Days for Ultra Specific Rapid Result Delivery to Programs that go for 3 months to 2 Years.

Fees are dependant on what program you choose to invest in. 


How you can work with me…

At the moment there are 4 ways you can work with me…

1) An-Ania Consulting for Rapid Result Delivery for Ultra Specific Issues. 

2) Fresh Mind – The most comprehensive program on the planet for accessing higher cognitive capacities and next level results. 

3) Elevation Quest – Bespoke transformational adventures for individuals and small teams. 

4) Off-Piste – Intensives and Retreats ranging from 2 to 21 days.

If you are interested in working together, please email 

Serious and appropriate Inquiries only.