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With Anthony Ogley




In the coming 20 years, the world will change more radically than at any time in human history

Where will YOU be during this dramatic period?


Success isn’t always as easy as people believe.

Working harder makes you burn out faster. 

You dream BIG. 

 You accomplishing more in one day than most people do in a week. You should really be going off to celebrate for lunch in the restaurant at the end of the universe.  If only you could put the stick down that you beat yourself up. You feel pressure feeling that  to get better at what you do.

Constant hustle mode is exhausting.

A break would be good.

If only to get away from all the urgent tasks demanding your precious attention. 


There’s something simpler than trying to grow an extra pair of hands

You could try adding another 10 hours in the day, then wouldn’t that only make you even busier without dumping the procrastination and self-destructive habits first? What if I told you that you can be successful being authentically and unapologetically YOU? 

With all your skills and flaws

You can remember the original spark and joy that got you started out on this journey.

You can grow a rocking business that you are proud of and remove the barriers that get in the way of living the life that you love.




Do you really know that?

Deep in your core. Do you realise how incredible you already are?

You are meant to thrive in these challenging times.

Lead the way through the changing tides.

Live fully in your power and steer people through the chaos, confusion and fear.

You are here to ride the waves of success and rise to the call of adventure.

What will it take to make that leap?

The one where you claim your Mastery.

Where you live from a deeper sense of peace and purpose than ever before.

Unleash your full capacity in being as act like the powerhouse that you really are.


Learn to get out of your own way. Be more present and in the flow

Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Second Guessing Yourself

Enjoy the process to create the life and business you love

Achieve more than you ever thought was possible and make your mark in the 21st Century

What People Say

I was feeling stressed, busy and overwhelmed. I was doing so much.

What struck me about Anthony is that he was really listening. Let me be authentic and be myself

In two weeks I freed up so much time, added so much structure to my life and created the blueprint of my course

Luchia Dragosh

Founder , Woman 2 Woman TV

I knew I had more to offer but didn’t know how to pull it together. I went from feeling frustrated and trapped with my work to excited and enthusiastic about what I’m here to do.

I now have the confidence and clarity to express my vision in a way that connects me to the people that I’m here to serve. Within 2 months I created a new company and created 9 client contracts under two of the separate brands

I have never been so clear and focused about what I need to do to achieve the success I want.

Tabi Jayne

Founder & CEO, Earth Self Ltd

I felt stuck and frustrated with an unfocused vision and no clear action plan. It didn’t seem like I was making any forward progress.

I realised what I really wanted and aligned with the purpose that brings me the most joy. I created 5 clients within 2 weeks.

Turned up my passion and fire and went on my dream trip to China that I’ve dreamt about for 18 years. I’m living more on my edge and at peace with the process. I’m walking the path with no doubt.

David Mohegan

Founder, Mohegan Training Systems

I was pretty stressed and I thought there was a lot I had to change about myself and my work.

I’ve increased the profit of my business by 20% while reducing my stress levels massively and I have a level of mastery and a new found confidence in what I do.

I have more physical energy, my relationship is much better now that I’m prioritising what matters to me and I’ve now taken steps towards my passion project of fine art photography.

Working with Anthony is fun, he brings a lot of clarity to make complex ideas simple, lots of wisdom and I can feel his enthusiasm for his job and the difference it makes

James Fox

Founder, Jemsys Ltd

When you can see things differently the rest is simple.

I offer individually tailored coaching and consultation packages that range from 3 months to 12 months.

We work one on one. By Skype or in person – usually a combination of both, depending on location.

The fee for that is also individually priced. 

Here’s how this works.

This is a deep diving, wild ride into stepping up your game for growth, transformation and taking your life and your business to the next level.

You need to have grit, courage and determination plus a deeply spiritual nature.

You have to be willing to invest 100% your time, your energy, your money and take the actions that scare you. 

You have to play full out and go all-in. 

It all starts with a powerful conversation

let's see how I can serve you and your quest for success

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Anthony Ogley brings straight forward, practical solutions to grow yourself and your business to the next level.

With timeless wisdom that’s easy to understand and effective to apply. So you can connect deeper to your truth and answer the call to show up bigger, bolder and more powerfully than ever. 

He is a master of amplifying your deep natural confidence and finding your most authentic and effective strategies to create real world results.