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Coaching from the leading edge with Anthony Ogley.

Cutting edge Transformation Quests for Visionary CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Remarkable Individuals. 

You are a visionary leader.

Confident, successful and passionate.

Driven to make a difference.

You are a game changer.

A maverick.

You rise to the challenge of creating the future while becoming more loving and compassionate.

Are you as advanced in spiritual and personal growth as you are accomplished in business?

Are you on the leading edge of civilisation level change?

Then you are in the right place.

Maybe you’ve even tried plant medicine or fasting to gain more self-knowledge and discover an edge.

Maybe you’ve tried Vipassana or meditation and mindfulness to keep you one step ahead.

Despite your success.

You feel like you are at full capacity.

Maxed out at 40% of your true potential and it feels like you are on shaky ground.

You are asking yourself how do I unlock the levels of performance I know I’m capable of while staying fresh, inspired and full of energy and vitality?

You could carry on with the fear of fear fuelling you.

You can keep shining a light on the blocks and patterns holding you back from being the fully expressed version of you.

The question remains.

How do you bring those issues to resolution and piece through to the solutions?

The everyday insecurities and nagging, niggling doubts that surface no matter the effort you put in.

Drain your time, focus and get in the way of you tapping into infinite reservoirs of potential.

You know that you can play a bigger, more expansive game.

If only, you could free yourself from that feeling that no matter what you achieve something seems to be missing.

You can align your individual purpose with the collective for maximum life fulfilment.

Do you have secrets that you keep in the dark?

Do you see so many possibilities and so far ahead that it’s hard to focus in the present?

Do you sometimes miss the tiny details and bugs in the code that can bring the whole system crashing down?

Do you overlook and dismiss your past successes and take ‘creating the impossible’ for granted?

Do you feel like you keep blocking opportunities to play a bigger game?

So, you miss out on switching out of ‘doing’ mode to ‘being’ mode and multiplying your impact and your level of fun.

You are only as successful as the operating principles that influence your mind.

If you are driven to 10x your impact, your influence and impeccability.

If you want to reconnect with your purpose and shift to a whole new way of being.

If you are here to elevate the consciousness of humanity.

If you know that it’s possible for you to operate from love, joy, presence, calmness as a foundation for exponential results.

If you are a powerful creator here to shift the planet towards infinite love, joy, thriving eco-systems.

If you want to create more joyful, value and meaning in all your relationships.

Rediscover the magic of play and bring it into your daily life to be seen as the leader you came here to be.

You are in the right place.

What if you could solve your greatest challenges though imagination, effective action and creativity?

What if you were inspired by your power not living in fear of it?

What if you could rapidly and permanently remove your biggest mental, emotional blocks from your system?

Most coaches tweak, buff and polish you to become a slightly improved version of the person who showed up.

I work with the 1% of the 1% who are looking to elevate their game and make a radical shift into a new reality.

I ask the deep questions about who you really are.

What makes your life truly flow.

Who are you beneath the values and beliefs that were given to you?

And more crucially.

What do you need to create a life based on your own truth and uniqueness?

Ready to take it to the next level where it all becomes effortless and you have total faith that you will achieve all your goals?



Anthony upgraded my life. Simple as! Reaching out to him for coaching was the best decision I made so far in my life. Those who are looking for someone who can truly transform their thinking into the next 100x performance should reach out to Anthony now.

Jason Grant

CEO , Integral-Redesign Humanity

Anthony Ogley operates a bespoke coaching and leadership consultancy company for Global Icons and Visionary Leaders. Using a combination of proven methodologies, timeless principles, and out of the ordinary adventures to deliver ‘impossible results’ and transformational experiences.  


Transformational Coaching for Inspirational People

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Are you ready to Upgrade Your Life, Increase Your Impact, Influence, Step into The Full Power of Your Purpose and Create your Next Level?